I'm not just a PT, I'm also a parent!

I'm not just a PT, I'm also a parent!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gross Motor Summer Fun!

Take advantage of the hot summer weather and enjoy these fun activities with your child:
  • Swimming:  Other than being a fantastic cardiovascular activity, swimming is terrific for general strengthening, as the water provides gentle resistance in all directions.  Also, the water provides sensory input, both deep pressure and tactile input.
  • Ride bikes, tricycles, scooters, etc.:  Not only is this a fun cardiovascular activity, but children improve their balance and steering skills.  The movement will also provide lots of vestibular input.
  • Games like horseshoes, ring toss, tee ball, and badminton help your child develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Playing limbo helps build flexibility and improve balance.
  • Jumping rope:  Not only will your child get a cardiovascular workout, but jumping rope helps with jumping and timing skills.
  • Water Play:  This is always a hit with the kiddos!  Have a bucket brigade to encourage heavy work.  Hold a water balloon toss to work on hand-eye coordination.  Have your children help you wash your car/bike/dog to get a work out, receive some sensory input, and to help out with chores.  
  • Bubbles:  I use bubbles all the time in my treatment sessions.  Blow bubbles and have younger children bat at them while older children stomp or jump on them.  Catch a bubble on the wand and hold it just out of reach to encourage your child to rise up onto his/her toes.
Most of all, have a great time spending quality time with your child!  


  1. Thanks for sharing, I found your blog via Ellen. we are in the middle of winter but great ideas for our up coming summer!

  2. I'm glad you found my blog and got some good ideas! Here is a link to the post for Gross Motor Fall Fun, which might have some more seasonally-appropriate ideas for you: http://tanajimenezpt.blogspot.com/2011/11/gross-motor-fall-fun.html.