I'm not just a PT, I'm also a parent!

I'm not just a PT, I'm also a parent!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Us Too Center needs your help!

Us Too Gymnastics Inc. is dedicated to providing a warm environment for children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families to receive a range of therapeutic and recreational activities to meet their individual needs all in one location.

Unfortunately, Us Too is struggling to keep its doors open.  With the current state of the economy, donations and grants have slowed to a trickle.  And it doesn't help that a competing pediatric therapy clinic opened literally around the corner from them, to much media fanfare.

With your help, the Us Too Center can take home a $10,000 donation from Toyota!  Please cast a vote for them every day, then tune in to Sunday Night Football to find out the winner!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soccer and Brain Injury

Concussions have gotten a lot of media coverage in recent years, with the epidemic of the brain injury in the NFL and other contact sports.  Studies indicate that frequent "heading" of a soccer ball may damage children's brains: Heading Ball 'could lead to brain damage.'  However, soccer is an excellent recreational activity, as it helps with cardiovascular fitness, dynamic balance, gross motor development (mostly in younger players), teamwork, following rules, and learning sportsmanship.  If your child plays soccer, I would discourage intentionally heading the ball too frequently and recommend that you discuss this with your child's pediatrician.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Renee Bondi -- A True Inspiration

I was just informed that Renee Bondi will be giving a concert at St. John Neumann Church in Irvine on Saturday, December 10 at 9:30.  She is a true inspiration and I encourage you to attend.  I hope to be there, as well!

From her website http://www.reneebondi.com/:

At age 29, Renée Bondi was engaged to be married and had a beautiful singing voice, a thriving career as a music teacher, and a loving family. But then one night a bizarre accident shattered her spine and left her quadriplegic. Her life changed forever. Renée lost not only all use of her hands and legs, but also her singing voice — she could barely speak above a whisper. Unwilling to accept that her life was over, Renée searched her heart and sought the Lord for direction. Although there were many dark days, Renée continued to persevere.

Against all odds and all physicians prognosis, Renée’s voice was miraculously restored with a crystal clear, angelic sound. Renée harnessed her talents to inspire and give hope to others.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

One of Those Parents

You know that you've felt like "one of those parents" yourself.  I know that I do on a nearly daily basis and I struggle to ignore what others think of me so that I can focus on my children.  Here's a powerful testimony from a father of children with special needs: One of Those Parents

Are Kids with Down Syndrome on the Road to Extinction?

I saw this article yesterday and couldn't help thinking of all the people with Down Syndrome whom I have been blessed to know, including my cousin.  I personally believe that every life has purpose and merit and that every single person has inherent dignity.  It saddens me to think that this type of discrimination exists in our world.

Are Kids with Down Syndrome on the Road to Extinction?